Energized Lightboard Quanten Power® Flower of Life

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Room harmonization through Light and Information

Quanten Power® Lightboards have a high vibration and pass on this vibration to the environment by the symbol, light and energizing.

According to the symbol,  different information and quality is given into the environment.

Initial price 69,00 € instead of 89,00 € until 31.05.22

Dimensions B 20cm x H 18cm x D 4cm base


Quanten Power® Lightboards have effect on the room and on the people in the room.
Quanten Power® Lightboards are produced in Germany in individual construction.
They help to stimulate and support development processes related to the corresponding subjects.

Ideal to strengthen Bagua areas (Feng Shui).

The Flower of life is an old symbol of the Holy geometry and is a symbol for infinity and perfect harmony. it is a graphic representation of the perfection of being. due to its exact symbolism, the lower of life corresponds to the golden ratio, which creates a strengthening vibration field. It symbolizes the sacred order of all things and universal love.


·        -  Universal love
- Harmonizing
- balancing negative vibrations
- brings peace for body, spirit and soul
- increases positive vibrations
- promotes the higher consciousness
- creates a lovely and relaxed energy field
- balances between intellect and intuition
- helps to get in contact with the source of life.

Optimal for harmonization and energizing of living rooms, dining rooms, sleeping rooms, children's rooms, entrance areas, in the office, in Seminar- Yoga or healing rooms, in Feng Shui area to be placed in the Tai Chi

The light base has a switch to turn it on and an USB connection, not a plug.
Can be placed everywhere, simply connect to a power bank, minimal power consumption.

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