Energized Lightboard QUANTEN POWER® Shri-Yantra

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Room harmonization through Light and Information

Quanten Power® Lightboards have a high vibration and pass on this vibration to the environment by the symbol, light and energizing.

According to the symbol,  different information and quality is given into the environment.

Initial price 69,00 € instead of 89,00 € until 31.05.22

Dimensions B 20cm x H 18cm x D 4cm base


Quanten Power® Lightboards have effect on the room and on the people in the room.
Quanten Power® Lightboards are produced in Germany in individual construction.
They help to stimulate and support development processes related to the corresponding subjects.

Ideal to strengthen of Bagua areas (Feng Shui).

Shri-Yantra is named to be the most sacred and important Yantra.  A Yantra is a geometric diagram with great effectiveness. Shri Yantra is the diagram of the goddess Shri (Lakshmi). The Shri Yantra (Shri = sacred) is named like this as it brings victory over the evil.


·        - brings luck and happy circumstances
- brings wealth in the spiritual and physical world
drives the flow of money
- well-being and freedom
- protective shield against negative energies
- brings life and love energy
- helps to fulfil spiritual wishes
- opens the way to our hearts

Optimal for use in the office, sales rooms, cashdesk, in the living room in the wealth corner (SO, Feng Shui)

The light base has a switch to turn it on and an USB connection, not a plug.
Can be placed everywhere, simply connect to a power bank, minimal power consumption.

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